March has always been my least favorite month of the year.

There are no holidays.

It’s long.

A few years ago, in college, it was the Month of Midterms.

It’s also a month of transformation from Winter to Spring, and that change has always made me anxious and restless. (I still don’t know why.)

But most of all, it’s because Bad Things have always happened in March. Me and March have a HISTORY. March is the Month of Bad Things.

This March, my dog died.


So far, that’s the only Bad Thing that has happened in the Month of Bad Things, but it has brought me more pain than any other March has before.

I already wrote a post about the experience of losing her, sooooo on to other things…

Things I Am Upset About

  • Losing Trudy.
  • Trump.
  • J.K. Rowling’s “History of Magic in North America,” which is so problematic, it makes my face hurt.

Things I Am Happy About

  • Joe.
  • A finished first draft of my novel (which I finished in February, but the high still hasn’t worn off).
  • The books I am reading right now: Sabriel and The Fifth Season. Amaaaaazing fantasies.


  • April: celebrations of my two best friends’ birthdays and Joe’s birthday.
  • May: potential trip to Austin, TX
  • June: visit from my sister
  • July: trip to Portland to visit my brother

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